Pywedge is a new technique for data visualization, data processing, and EDA

Pywedge is a pip installable Python package that intends to,

  1. Make multiple charts in a single line of code, to enable the user to quickly read through the charts and can make informed choices in pre-processing steps
  2. Quickly…


PyCaret is an open-source, low-code machine learning library in Python that aims to reduce the cycle time from hypothesis to insights. It is well suited for seasoned data scientists who want to increase the productivity of their ML experiments by using PyCaret in their workflows or for citizen data scientists

A Confusion Matrix is a performance measurement technique for Machine learning classification. It is a kind of table that helps you to know the performance of the classification model on a set of test data for that the true values are known. The term confusion matrix itself is very simple…

Image from Harvard Health Publishing

Goal of Analysis

The goal of this project is to use these features in order to make predictions if a patient has cardiovascular disease. Classification models like Logistics Regression will be used in this dataset.


We will be training and testing our datasets and predict the outcomes. Here we get datasets

Data Exploration


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I am Data Scientist working in Cognizant | Writing about Data Science, AI, ML, DL, Stats, Math

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